We are glad to announce the transfer of the Cosmetic business of Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe S.r.l Niederlassung Deutschland, by way of an asset deal, and with effective date 01/04/2022


Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe S.r.l. (“SPE”)

Fully directly owned by Summit Pharmaceuticals International (“SPI”)

and fully indirectly owned by Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”)



fully directly owned by Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”)

SACI CFPA, SAS. is a French Distributor of specialized raw materials for Cosmetic Industry. SACI CFPA, SAS.

It was founded in 1937, acquired by Sumitomo Corporation in 2019.

Based on the direction by Sumitomo Corporation, SACI CFPA, SAS. aims to establish one strategy for the Cosmetics materials business in Europe market, and unify the organization for better service to suppliers and customers.

This transfer will result in SACI CFPA, SAS opening a German branch office which will operate the Cosmetics business as of the effective date. Business continuity is our highest priority.