Sumitomo Corporation, Medical Science Dept.

Sumitomo Corporation is one of the leading firms in the Japanese business arena mainly devoted to marketing and commercialisation of products and services in almost all industries, as well as providing financing, project organization and business investment, showing great diversification as an Integrated Business Enterprise.

Sumitomo Corporation Group has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has dedicated offices in Japan, USA, Europe, China, India and Korea which operate in collaboration with all the offices and subsidiaries in our worldwide network. This Pharmaceutical Group is an integrated service provider to the pharmaceutical industry, offering global and professional service to meet the individual needs of customers. Learn more

Summit Pharmaceutical International (SPI)

With two offices located in Tokyo and Osaka as well as two labs in Kanagawa (next to Tokyo) , Summit Pharmaceutical International is the right partner to access the Japanese pharmaceutical market. With extensive connections to most of the players in Japan, SPI can help the companies which want to do business in the pharmaceutical Japanese market providing full support for sales & marketing, regulatory affairs, logistics, QC in the area of APIs & intermediates, along with support in the field of drug discovery and development. Learn more

Summit Pharmaceutical China (SPC)

Summit Pharmaceuticals China is the Chinese company, which belongs to Medical Science Group in Sumitomo Corporation. With 2 offices located in Shanghai and Beijing, SPC is able to find the most suitable supplier among the various companies which China can offer. SPC is also able to support partners that want to explore Chinese growing market, finding the right opportunity and giving all the necessary regulatory support. Learn more

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA)

Headquartered in New York, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas is the first access to the US market.

Strategic investments have transformed SCOA from a traditional trading company into a 21st century integrated business enterprise.

These investments have allowed SCOA to expand into new and emerging areas of pharmaceutical and cosmetic business while making them a better solutions provider to the current customers. Learn more

Sumitomo Corporation India (SCIN)

Playing a  key role in the pharmaceutical business and SCIN  becoming a strategic player for sourcing and marketing of Pharma related product in India .
Sumitomo Corporation of India provides support to all the customers who are looking for reliable suppliers of intermediates , APIs and formulation.

Sumitomo Corporation Korea (SCKR)

SCKR provides high quality intermediates, APIs and unique FDFs through partnership with main suppliers located in Korea.

SCKR provides unique and high quality cosmetic raw material through partnership with main suppliers located in Korea. Learn more

Sumitomo Corporation Eurasia (SCER Russia)

With their offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok, our sister company SCER is marketing APIs to the major pharmaceutical companies in the evolving and growing Russian pharmaceuticals market.  Learn more

C&O Pharmaceuticals

C & O Pharmaceutical Technology is an established and integrated pharmaceutical group located in China. C&O business model spans the entire value chain in the pharmaceutical industry, from research and development, to manufacturing, as well as marketing and distribution of C&O Branded and third party pharmaceutical products via an extensive distribution network covering over 2,000 distributors and 300,000 clinics, pharmacies and hospitals across all parts of China. With an integrated business model, C&O offers one-step solutions to other pharmaceutical companies both inside and outside China with our contract research organisation and contract manufacturing organisation services, as well as product registration and distribution services. Learn more

Oxford Finance

Oxford Finance is a lending institution with a long history of providing capital exclusively to life sciences and healthcare services companies throughout the world. They have a valued reputation for fairness and flexibility and have achieved success by building solid relationships with many clients. Oxford Finance extraordinarily knowledgeable lending team works diligently to understand the specific goals of individual clients and provide sound financial solutions for their growth and development. Oxford partners with its clients and is committed to serve as a steadfast resource. Learn more


Presperse is a distributor and formulator of raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care industry in the U.S. and internationally. Through its wide network of distributors, the Company offers such products as moisturizing gels, thickeners, botanical extracts, specialty powders and pigments. Presperse’s strength lies in obtaining and developing technologies for the purpose of continuous product innovation for consumers. Learn more