We are Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe, 100% part of Sumitomo Group. We specialize in the sourcing and supply of pharmaceutical raw materials, key intermediates, active ingredients (APIs), formulations and Cosmetics.

We understand your need when you are looking for an experienced navigator who can identify and steer you through the most efficient business route – a partner you can trust – a consultant who has your best interest in mind and can offer international expertise and resources that will help you with your strategic expansion goals.

Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe provides the information and resources that can help strengthen your planning, development and investment activities.

  • We match customer needs with supplier goods and services.
  • We specialize in sourcing and supplying pharmaceutical raw materials, key intermediates, active ingredients (APIs) and formulations.
  • With extensive experience in custom manufacturing, compound licensing opportunities and research alliance, specialists in Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe can meet the needs of all pharmaceutical companies.
  • We ensure that specifications are met. We arrange goods delivery, including export/import clearances and customs duties.
  • We constantly adapt in order to stay ahead of the changing markets.

Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe’s headquarters are in Milan, Italy, with two offices based in Madrid, Spain and Düsseldorf, Germany. This means we can provide you with an extensive range of services and products, complying with all the existing regulations.