Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe closed  in February  2018 a partnership with the Czech company InStar Technologies for the promotion of their innovative and proprietary drug delivery carrier InStrip™ based on a nanotechnology. InStar’s  goal is to bring new transmucosal administration of drugs that are still available only by injections.

InStrip™ technology provides all the benefits associated with submucosal drug delivery and with a broader range of drug candidates like peptides, proteins, hormones, enzymes or vaccines, stabilization of such kind of substances in room temperature, protection of API against saliva, increase solubility and bioavailability, lead the pharmacokinetics from fast to sustained etc. 

InStar Technologies Products:


for more info, please see: https://www.instar.tech/products/about-cbd.html


for more info, please see: https://www.instar.tech/products/cebedix-h.html


Each strip presents a balanced dose of high-quality raw materials of CEBEDIX-H, which gives your mouth cavity:

  • Menthol mouth refreshment
  • Protection against negative external influences – strong antioxidant ability of CBD support the creation of invisible protective barriers
  • Exceptional care – CBD helps to prevent redness and irritation of the oral cavity

for more info, please see: https://www.instar.tech/products/cebedix.html

In case of interest in InStrip™ technology please contact: roberta.fontana@sumitomocorp.com